uCare Pregnancy Therapy: ChildBirth, Christian Birthing, and Pregnancy Spiritual Care Services for Mom, Baby and Dad

uPregnancy Care 

creates a wholesome Christ-centered atmosphere for women to prepare for motherhood, receive educational, emotional, mental, and spiritual care, and access personalized medical care through licensed certified midwives or OB/GYN while welcoming the darling of your womb, and helping you. navigate the smoothly into joy of motherhood.


Preconception Counseling and Pregnancy Preparation

When planning for a baby, uPregnancy offers 
emotional, mental, and spiritual care to help prepare you. In addition,  a preconception counseling appointment with our midwives can help educate you on how to prepare your body


Pregnancy Spiritual Care and Video Visits

uPregnancy spiritual care services support you and your baby to receive, mental, emotional, and spiritual care during pregnancy, ensuring you and your baby are wholesome


Select Your Preferred  Licensed Certified Midwife 

Access our wide network of Midwives practicing as independent providers for Birth consultations, Prenatal care, and Emotional support during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth available for home visits or in-hospital childbirth.


In-home Post Natal and Care Duola Services

With our post-natal care, you can transition into parenting smoothly, enjoying in-home care with professional Duola, including postpartum care.


uPregnancy Care Therapy: Education, Therapy Tools, Resources for Mom, Daddy, and Baby.

Pregnancy is a journey, and access tools for the whole family, including emotional, mental, and spiritual support tools for you, your baby, and of course daddy. Access a library of therapeutic healing videos, audio, prayer audios, music therapy, family tree, and parenting resources for wholesome wellness.


uCare Pregnancy Deliverance Therapy for Moms

uCare Pregnancy deliverance therapy is geared towards providing a wholesome spiritual experience, and inner healing for mom as you transition into motherhood, or add a new bundle of joy


uCare Deliverance Therapy for Babies in the Womb

Bring your unborn baby into God's holy hands, and sanctify your baby with God's spirit, through inner healing, deliverance, and music prayer therapy - expelling generational, ancestral strongholds from the baby's pathway that your child's calling and journey on earth will be wholesome


uCare Deliverance Therapy for Dads 

Bring dad into God's holy hands, and sanctify your baby with God's spirit, through inner healing, deliverance, music prayer therapy. Therapy sessions are via Video visits with Spiritual Care, and can help plan for your baby's life ahead, including developing your spiritual gifts to discern how to receive from God to name your child, preparing for your child's special purpose, and breaking through ahead for your child.

uCare Pregnancy Tools, Apps, Meditation and Resources 

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uCare Pregnancy Deliverance Therapy

uCare Pregnancy Deliverance Therapy offers a series of deliverance therapy alongside with - library offers thousands of prayer resources in various formats including pre-pregnancy prayers, pregnancy prayers, childbirth prayers,  pregnancy deliverance prayers, prayers for your unborn baby, deliverance prayers, bloodline cleansing prayers, family tree prayers and prayers critical for your spiritual care during pregnancy.